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We’ll All Work for a Tech Vendor One Day

Posted by imateski on April 12, 2010

We’ll All Work for a Tech Vendor One Day | CIO – Blogs and Discussion

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There’s a new-ish adage making the rounds in tech journalism that’s unfortunately becoming more accurate with each passing day. It goes something like this: “We’re all going to be working for a high-tech vendor some day.”

Some of my fellow journalists here at IDG (’s parent company) have left the fourth estate and are now receiving their paychecks from the same vendors they used to cover. Those jobs are in marketing, public relations or social media strategy. Several I’ve spoken with seem not unhappy with their move—the pay is certainly better.

Some have said they occasionally miss the daily excitement and objectivity of their previous roles. That sinking feeling enveloping the media? Yeah, they don’t miss that.

Taking a gaze at today’s tea leaves, it would not be reckless to hypothesize that more corporate IT workers might be making the same career move in the near future.

As I reported in Why the New Normal Could Kill IT, Gartner is predicting that cloud computing will become so pervasive by 2012 that 20 percent of businesses will own no IT assets at all.

In a recent blog post, Michael Krupa, technical director for HR Technology and a former IT consultant, compares the IT support requirements of traditional, on-premise software versus SaaS. His verdict? “SaaS applications do not require as much IT support as on-premise solutions,” Krupa offers. “My experience with SaaS applications show that you no longer need IT datacenter support, database administration support, application infrastructure support and application development support (with the exception of interfaces).”

“Poof. Gone. No longer needed,” he adds, rather dramatically.

Other technologies such as virtualization will reduce IT hardware and, presumably, the headcount needed to manage the hardware.

Vendors of today are transforming into the “Supervendors” of tomorrow. A recent Wall Street Journal article examines the “handful of cash-rich companies that are consolidating power in the technology industry, using their wealth to expand into new businesses and making it harder for small and midsize competitors to break through.”

Those companies? Apple, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, IBM. They are stockpiling cash, acquiring assets and tech innovation, and fortifying their power. They’ll likely need more techies, who won’t be needed as much inside enterprise IT departments.

Paradoxically, IT is reaping all that it has sewn over the years. I covered this in an article last fall, More Jobs Vanish: IT’s Gains Are Real People’s Losses. In sum: The painful, perhaps unintended consequence of realizing technology’s aspirations and capabilities is that many people will go without jobs or will have to radically alter their skills and professions, because there is simply no need for their old skills anymore. This owes to technology’s relentless march toward cheaper, faster, better.

These developments aren’t all necessarily cataclysmic occurrences, though. Many of the hard-core techies once relegated to fixing loathsome PEBKAC issues will now be able to strut their stuff at software vendors, coding their little hearts out on the next new cloud app or creating the next software-delivery mechanism.

Or their jobs will change dramatically (just as journalists have witnessed), as columnist Bernard Golden writes in Cloud and The Death of the Sysadmin: “As software becomes more complex, and demands the scalability of the cloud, IT’s auto mechanic of today, the sysadmin, will disappear. Tomorrow’s sysadmin will be more like a physician.”

Hey, it could be much worse. Believe me, I know.

By Thomas Wailgum


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Welcome to the IT Certification Lounge

Posted by imateski on January 27, 2010

It’s been over a year since the start of our LinkedIn group, I finally got to the point where all the elements fitted together and here it is, the ICTLounge has it’s own web space.
I also want thank all ICTLounge members at LinkedIn for their contribution and personal conversations.
As the name suggests, ITCL is a cozy place where you can find info on various IT certification programs, IT career guides and full-scale training materials such as books, study guides and of course practice test exams.
Although there are tons of other places to find information and practice materials for IT certification, none of them are open to hear YOUR needs and offer assistance in developing your skill-set. What we all need is a place to interact with like minded people, discuss ideas, bounce plans off each other and genuinely help one another.
This is where IT Certification Lounge steps in. My vision for the ITCL is that it becomes a synonym for affordable source of relevant information for IT professionals. This will in effect, cause several reactions.
First, ITCL will have low priced products. Purchasing a full set of ITCL test simulators with 1000 questions for, let’s say, CompTIA A+ or CompTIA Network+, will not cause any budget holes. So in a sense, I hope to decrease the use of pirated training material as building a career on stolen grounds isn’t the smartest of moves.
Second, the ITCL will raise the bar for quality. Most of the practice materials are profit-driven, and I’ve had the opportunity to see that these providers love to stick the “100% Guaranteed Pass”, which is misleading at best. The problem is that these corporations are in it for your MONEY and don’t care about your CAREER. The IT Certification Lounge has your career in focus, and the materials you’ll find here are not collected from braindump sites. Everything you find here is genuinely written by IT professionals with the goal in mind: to help your IT career growth. In order to grow in your career you need valid and applicable knowledge and that’s what you’ll find in the products here at the ITCLounge.
Third, with the high quality affordable training materials, I hope that your career growth will increase your quality of life. I hope that you will also have the heart and philanthropy to look back and see that there are many, many young IT techies struggling in life, and that you will reach out and help them out in their career.
You see, for the newcomers in IT, it’s all about outperforming the peers, and getting close to the CIO, hoping to some day inherit that fancy title. The reality however, is that once in the IT trenches, techies realize that IT is in fact people-oriented and peer-driven. It is this reality that has inspired me to look back and offer support to IT professionals in various career stages.
The IT Certification Lounge, thus, is the place where you will find what you really need in order to have a steady professional growth. The benefit is that you will not have to sell your kidney to get a hold of quality materials and the added value you will get here is the real peer-to-peer approach in figuring out your next step toward your career dreams.
Please drop a line and say what your career dreams are, and what would you want to see offered here at the IT Certification Lounge.

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