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Career questions

IT career paths diverge, merge, split, join, diversify, specialize… there’s so much change going on that it’s close to impossible for an IT professional to know all the tectonic movements in IT. No wonder we feel overwelmed, stressed and cornered when we face the next strategic career step.
This blog is for you, so if you have career questions, some dilemmas about going back to school or pursuing a certification program, or which cert to pursue, or IF you need any certs at all… or any other question, please feel free to post your questions here. We do the career research anyways, this is how we decide which training material to work on, so it doesn’t make sense that this knowledge stays unused while you spend hours and hours of your valuable time trying to map out the certification maze. So, this is how you can use our research and use your time for better things.


6 Responses to “Career questions”

  1. wordnerd said

    Belated thanks for the reply.

  2. Vedraj said

    I am a BE in IT 2012 pass out, i want to go for Cloud Computing Certification as i have read an article stating that there is a demand in the IT industry for Infrastructure Management professionals. But i dont have any knowledge about Cloud Computing…

    • imateski said

      you’ve heard right, cloud is the big thing these days, and there’s a shortage of IT staff that can take advantage of this technology. The best way to get in on what’s hot and what’s not, is to go to Linkedin, create your personal profile, and join cloud computing/infrastructure groups. The IT Certification Lounge is already a thriving community of over 1000 members, many of which are partly involved in infrastructure positions, so you may join the group and start interacting with people.

  3. wordnerd said

    I’m a rank beginner, thinking of making a career change after losing my job in marketing communications. I’m considering going for MCP certification to start. Is that worth it in this day and age? And how long does it take to progress from complete newbie to being ready to take the exam? Does this entail years of study?

    • imateski said

      MCP is entry level, and although enough to get your foot in the door, it’s not in high demand at all. As far as prep time goes, it all depends on how computer literate you are, and how fast of a learner you are.
      The irony is that I personally moved out of IT into marketing (web design and SEO) and actually think that there’s more to be learned and earned in Marketing than in IT-support fields. Perhaps you too can take that route and do web design instead of going to MCP.
      Hope this helps.

  4. imateski said

    If you’re a PC repair technician or a system administrator and wonder how to grow in your IT career, make sure to read this

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