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Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.
I’ve created this blog because I worked in an IT company as a production manager in the certification training materials segment. Unfortunately the recession did it’s worse, so the company went out of business and I lost my job. So, I figured I’d just continue doing research and writing of training materials for IT certificates… and a few months after, here we are, with this blog and a few products developed by me and my wife. Aside of my older blog, I hope that this too will in some way start creating income for us.
Other than writing test simulations for IT certs, I want to also slowly build up the information pool on career development and offer my knowledge and experience to everybody who wants to invest and grow in their IT career.
As more and more people move from the corporate cold toned websites into the blogosphere and social networks, I’ve decided to follow the crowd and instead of creating a corporate website, I’ll stick with this blog and a social network I’ve started a few days ago.
My outlook to this ebusiness is that the internet is impersonal enough, and we shold warm it up a bit by blogs and social sites so that visitors and bloggers can interact and enrich each other. So, please feel free to throw a line or two, and by all means, join the social networking site.
I hope you will enjoy the content and people you meet on this blog and on the social network.
Igor Mateski.

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