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Adobe Certified Expert: Photoshop CS3

Posted by imateski on March 30, 2010

The undisputed leader in graphics software for a long time now is the famous Adobe Photoshop. Mastering this application is a sure job winner for anyone who wants to get involved with graphics design in the print, online and even video media. The only limit as to what Photoshop can do is your knowledge of the program.

Adobe, as other software vendors, offers certificates that verify the knowledge of anyone who wants to stand out in the crowd of people trying to get into design-oriented jobs. For this reason, Adobe has started two tracks: the Adobe Certified Associate, which verifies that the cert holder has entry level knowledge, and the Adobe Certified Expert which testifies that the cert holder has expert-level knowledge of application.

Why certify?

Well, consider this: there are literally thousands of people who have some knowledge of photo editing, and all of them can apply for a graphics design position in the local design/web studio. They can all have portfolios, but not all of them thought of pursuing a certification. Going this extra mile will set you apart from the crowd as the Adobe Certified Expert in Photoship CS3, and your employability will skyrocket. The added value is that the rigid program will take you to places in Photoshop you wouldn’t normally go, and in this way you’ll learn some great ways on improving productivity and expanding your creativity, which will also set you apart from the crowd that follows tutorials and has the “me too” approach to life.

Getting certified literally saves your career.

Why ITCL test simulators?

The Adobe Certified Expert Photoshop CS3 test simulators pack offers an enormous wealth of knowledge and it also offers you the real test experience, as all four test simulators have 70 questions that you need to take for 90 minutes. At the end of the test, you get a scoring table followed by great explanations for each question so you can see how you did, and learn from the mistakes. The advantage you get from the ITC Lounge product is the well known 4-times-more-info slogan, so while competitors just tell you which one answer is correct and why it is so, with the test simulators from ITC Lounge you get an explanations of why any one answer is correct, AND you also get explanation why the other options are not correct. Effectively with the 220 questions in this pack you actually get 880 explanations. That is over 4 times more knowledge than any other test simulator on the market!

Why we don’t promise 100% guaranteed first time pass?

On many test simulators you may find the sticker “100% guaranteed first-time pass”.

This promise is absurd, and is an insult to your intelligence. Nobody can guarantee 100% that any one would pass any exam at first try… unless they’ve got some kind of a cheat sheet. You know that having a cheat sheet on an official exam is suicidal.

Many vendors make the 100% pass promise because their test simulators are actually cheat sheets. This is possible because many people who take any test, either share or sell the questions they memorized from the official test. This is what people call barin-dumps. Some vendors then collect such questions from these cheating websites, and sell this product, advertising it as 100% guaranteed first-time pass. This may be a trustworthy promise, but the down side is that you will be using a braindump study materials, which certification centers will recognize using various metrics such as time spent in understanding the question, click patterns and so on. Once a pattern is recognized, you will definitely lose your credentials, and the word is out that those that once got caught using braindump materials get on a blacklist, and they are banned from taking any certificate – for life! So, think twice before you fall for the shiny red label that promises first time pass.

Our material is 100% braindump free. It is designed to TEACH you Photoshop CS3 in a test-like setting. This is why we offer up to 4 times more info than other test vendors. With our material you will actually learn the program, and passing the official test will be based solely on your real Photoshop knowledge, not some cheap tricks to get you through the test. We are dedicated to your safe and secured career growth. This is why we do not get third-party developers but have the questions written up in-house. We have dedicated great attention to the usability of the information, and we have made sure that what you get is a great learning product that will help you acquire the professional knowledge of Photoshop CS3.

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